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As the first online community to bring together parents, teachers, students and administrators, MySchoolInfo.org has revolutionized modern education. By harnessing the power of the Internet, the site guarantees that no information falls through the cracks, no student is left in the dark, and most importantly: no parent gets left behind.

Registering with MySchoolInfo.org is easy. All the school needs to provide is a student roster. This can be filled in on a spreadsheet on the site, or emailed to us in any format. MyScholInfo will then generate accounts for the school to distribute to students, parents and teachers. Registration is free for schools in the North America(USA & Canada)and there is absolutely no charge to anybody for using the service. Schools from other countries who wants to use the service,the charge is minimal.

Once an individual account is activated, that user has access to a personal calendar. Any important reminders that the school administration chooses to put on the main calendar will appear on every account. Also, students and parents can enter their own calendar notes, as well as sign up for specific updates from clubs or activities. Since this program is web-based, the calendars can be viewed not only from home, but also any mobile device with Internet access.

MySchoolInfo.org also features a message board that serves as a public forum. This area of the site is meant for the discussion of anything from questions in a specific class to general community issues. This way, students can find help with homework outside of class not only from their teachers, but also their peers. It also gives students who tend to be quiet in class a chance to communicate better.

One of the best things about the site is that every user has a personal email account. This allows the administration to send out mass emails to the entire school or specific groups. Teachers also have the ability to email students and their parents if necessary and vice-versa. As with the calendar, it is also possible to subscribe to specific mailing lists.

In addition, teachers have the option to update information about their class members’ performance and attendance, but this information is only visible to the student and his parents. This eliminates unpleasant surprises come report cards, and also makes it virtually impossible to cut class without getting caught.

Since our goal is to make MySchoolInfo.org attractive to everybody, thereby increasing communication among the school community, we’ve developed an area for students to chat. They can create their own profiles with photos to talk to their friends, or meet new people. However, Unlike other chat sites for teens, this one is safe because parents and teachers have access as well.

The site doesn’t stop where academics end. We strive to include every aspect of education from the extra curricular, to the logistical. For example, there’s a cafeteria menu with nutritional information and a program that maps out local bus routes. There’s even an area to assist the superintendent’s office in generating annual reports.

We are continually developing MySchoolInfo.org to meet the demands of our users. We welcome your comments and suggestions on how we can improve the system to optimize primary and secondary education in the age of information.